Poetic FlipBook Case

By | September 12, 2013

Wallet Cases have slowly gained in popularity over the past year, and Poetic has made quite a lot of them available.  Their FlipBook Case for the Moto X has a lot of bang for the buck, and it will keep your phone protected and add some cool functionality as well.

The FlipBook is one of the few cases that enable you to configure it into a stand, allowing you to view your content from afar without having to hold the phone out in front of you or lean your head over a table or desk to watch.  They’ve also added some pockets that will hold some spare cash, credit cards, or identification cards.

Poetic FlipBook Case for Moto X

It is not made from genuine leather, but it is still a very protective material that is also textured, which gives you a good grip and helps your handset not slip out of your hand so easily.  The interior is lined with a soft microfiber that will prevent scratching from occurring from stray sand or dirt that might fall into the case.  As you may expect, all of the ports of the Moto X, as well as the buttons, are accessible within this case including the cameras and charging port.  The front flap of the case also puts the Moto X to sleep and wakes it back up upon opening it.

A polycarbonate shell is fused into the synthetic leather, which also acts as the holder for the device itself.  It’s easy to secure your Moto X within this case as well as take it back out.

Poetic also offers a nice three year warranty on their products, so if there’s a defect they’ll be able to assist you in its replacement.

These are currently shipping out from Poetic, and you can order yours today at a very heavy discount.  We do not know how long it’ll last, so get your order in pronto!

Poetic FlipBook Case for Moto X Poetic FlipBook Case for Moto X Poetic FlipBook Case for Moto X

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