Incipio Announces 8 Moto X Cases for Device Launch

By | August 12, 2013

Incipio plans to release 8 different cases for the Moto X, just in time for the device’s launch later this month.  There is going to be a huge variety of options available that entail everything from thin and light, to rugged and waterproof.  We’ve collected details regarding all of the functionality and styles of each of these cases and will break them down for you to make an educated purchasing decision when the time comes.

Incipio Moto X feather Case

The feather Case

This case (pictured above) is an extremely thin and light solution that is made more for protecting your Moto X from scratches more so than heavy impacts.  It’s made from an Incipio material called Plextonium, and is just 1mm thin.

The feather SHINE Case

This case is identical to the feather case, but the only true difference is the material used.  The back has a brushed aluminum style that will bring your phone game up a notch or two in the looks department.

The DualPro Case

This is Incipio’s hybrid solution (pictured at very top) that combines their Plextonium shell with a silicone inner skin for complete protection from external pressure, drops, and other sorts of impacts.

The DualPro SHINE Case

Again, this case is largely similar to the original DualPro Case, but with the addition of a aluminum style finish that looks great and will not hinder your reception in the least.

The NGP Impact Resistant Case

Incipio Moto X Case

The NGP is a simple solution from Incipio, created from a flexible Flex-2-0 technology that has a smooth matte finish.  It’s tear-resistant, light, and protects similar to a gel case.

The Watson Wallet with Removable Case

The Watson is a leather case that is also a multifunctional folio that has three card slots for your cash and IDs, while also combining vegan leather and their Plextonium material for great protection.  Micro suede material lines the interior, preventing scratches from occurring.

The offGRID Thin Battery Case

The Moto X has an internal battery, so there’s no way to buy extra batteries for it.  That’s why Incipio has announced their offGRID battery case, which will allow you to conveniently add up to 12 hours of extra life to your device.  The case also protects your phone and includes LED status indicators with easy installation.

The ATLAS Waterproof Case

This may end up being one of the most rugged solutions for the Moto X, allowing you to completely submerge your Moto X in water as well as protect it against dirty and drops.  It’s rated IP68 and Mil Spec 810G for drop protection as well.

Pricing on all of the cases above wasn’t mentioned, but we expect them to be in line with the company’s current offerings in regards to other flagship devices they’re currently available for.  Incipio will also be making quite a palette of colors available across their Moto X lineup, including options such as Black, Grey, White, Cyan, and Pink, as well as the aluminum finish styles to go along with it in the SHINE series of cases.

Check back for pricing information and more further details as we receive them.

Incipio Moto X Cases

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