Moto X Ballistic SG Case

Ballistic makes some of the most popular cases, with their SG series (Shell Gel) trumpeting excellent protection from drop impact via it’s enlarged corner bumpers and hybrid composition.  It’s currently available in three different colors including Black on Black, Grey on White, and Pink on White; and they’re currently heavily discounted. This is a rugged,… Read More »

Diztronic Moto X Gel Cases

Diztronic has just released a pretty diverse assortment of gel cases for the Moto X, spanning white to pink to black, and offering different design options such as matte finishes, their GlitterFlex finish, and frosted finishes.  These are basic cases that use pretty decent material and are manufactured by a very popular company in Diztronic.… Read More »

PureGear GripTek Moto X Cases

PureGear’s GripTek cases for the Moto X were just announced and subsequently released for sale this week, and they provide an excellent, unique solution for protecting your device from most drops and scratches.  They’re available in 3 different colors as well, including Black, Powder Blue, and Pink.  Right now, the pink version is on a… Read More »